Q:  When does baseball start?

A:   Practices will begin around the second week of May

Q:  When does baseball end?

A:   Season ends at the end of July.  Playoffs will be in August

Q:   When will I be contacted?

A:   You will be hearing from the coaches from May 4th - May 13th.

Q:   What equipment does my child need?

A:   They will require a glove, running shoes or cleats (NO metal spikes), and long pants (for practices) at all times. 

Q:   What about a jock/jill ?

A:   It is not required but highly recommended.  It is however, required to play the catcher position.

Q:  Is a full uniform provided?

A:  Yes.  Hat, Jersey and pants provided.  Sr. Rookie and up, receive a 3/4 sleeve shirt (to keep) with the sponsor's name and is worn under the button down jersey.  TBALL and Jr. Rookie receive team shirts instead of the jersey and are theirs to keep.

Q: What nights do they play and how many?

A:  TBALL is one night a week (Tues for 2018) at Klondike.  No travel.  Jr. Rookie and up are travelling teams.  Generally, there is a game and a practice per week.  We can only control home games and we try to schedule them so not to overlap Wasaga minor soccer.  Schedules are put together in early May. 

Q: Can my child bring his/her own bat?

A: Yes, as long as it is a legal bat.  Also, we like to subscribe to the policy that if you do bring a bat to use, then it must be available for the whole team to use as well. Bats are not to be kept in the dugout for safety reasons.