The purpose of bond hours is to have everyone pitch in to make the entire experience of sport more enjoyable for the kids.  With parent volunteers, coaches will have the help needed to manage a successful team.  Each family can participate in many different areas to earn their bond hours or have the option to fulfill their obligation by informing the executive of their $150 donation (bond hour cheque cashed).  Families who do not complete the required amount of hours will have their bond cheques cashed following the banquets.

As per the constitution:

1.18 BOND HOURS: Bond Hours to be completed by parents of players is as follows: 8 hours for all t-ball families and 12 hours for all other divisions. If family has players in tball and upper divisions, do the upper division. **On top of the above required bond hours, all families will ALSO be required to do 2 hours on top of required bond hours at a tournament hosted by WBMBA. If ALL hours are not completed including 2 tournament hours, bond cheque provided at registration will be cashed after the Annual Banquet.



**Instead of plus 2 hours for tournament and banquet, it alone will fulfill all bond hours

(Click here for list of bond jobs)

Coaches (Head Coach & 2 Assistants) will fulfill all bond hours

Bond Hour Rep and Equipment Manager is for the entire season and will fulfill all bond hour requirements

Individual game jobs will equal 2 hrs per

Practice jobs will equal length of practice